“If you have a dream, hold onto it, believe in it and never stop working hard to make it come true


Sometimes I think about what Teen Wolf could have been. That cast and the initial premise in the hands of a more capable writer/showrunner on a better network, and you could have an extraordinary, revolutionary show; a phenomenon, a cultural touchstone. The next Buffy.

A show where Allison’s search for empowerment is thoughtfully explored in relation to the empowerment that was thrust upon Scott without his consent, both in relation to and independently of their romance.

A show where Derek’s abuse at the hands of Kate is not just a throwaway plot point, but acknowledged for the character-defining trauma that it is to him.

A show where death and the consequences of violence are acknowledged.

A show where Stiles’ possession by the Nogitsune is explored as part of his pre-existing inner darkness.

A show that doesn’t kill the female villains but lets the male villains live.

A show where Lydia’s self-discovery and the resulting alienation she feels is given the care and consistency she deserves.

A show where the unexpected chemistry between Stiles and Derek would have been welcomed as a creative opportunity to develop their characters, with or without a romantic relationship.

A show that takes full advantage of what the supernatural drama genre allows: creative metaphors, expansive and dynamic characterization, experimental storytelling, subversive politics…

A show that, instead of self-aggrandizing proclamations claiming “inclusiveness,” actually takes queer representation seriously and doesn’t tokenize and erase its queer characters.

Flawed as it is, I still love this damn show and I’ll stick with it until the end, but just imagine what it could have been.